Living this life is a part of dying, But dying in this life is a part of living. It is something that you cannot get away from. It is always there, but most of us do not want to be reminded of it.


The book; Healed My Journey,  was inspired by the life and death of my youngest son. When he died, I felt that I had died too; lost, alone, and depressed, but God showed himself to me  as a comforter, and gave me instructions  on how to heal his way.

This is the story of my journey back from where I was to being able to hear from God. He allowed me to be healed  through the  writing of this book, and my desire for everyone that reads it is that through the words of this book that God will not only give them comfort but speak to them so that real healing can begin. 

This book is available on Amazon, purchase it for you and someone that you know that is going through a distraught time with any kind of loss in their lives.  

Writing gives me a release and a freedom to experience God in different realms, I gain revelation; because It allows me to sit with him, listen to him and hear from him.