Message From The Clouds

The Sound 

I love the great outdoors; it offers so much yet requires so little from us because usually what happens in the atmosphere we mortal beings have nothing to do with. It is a blessing for me to know right now that no one else can control what goes on when the wind blows, and I hear the birds chirping, the ducks quacking near the pond across the road, the buzzing of the bees, the rustling of the trees as the wind blows through them, and even the rain cascading down from the sky, but today I add another one that I had not really noticed and that is the crunching of the dried leaves under my feet as I walked on them, these sounds all remind me that God is with me. The sound makes the difference! It becomes a way of letting us know and remind us that we are not alone even when we don't see a physical person, God is always with us but also nothing can take the place of what God has for us, because man can only duplicate what God produces. Listen for the real sound, and watch how it has an affect on you. Do away with the carbon copy!  

Comfort ye one another! (We all can use it) 

Two weeks ago one of my fur baby (cats) died but he was more than just my pet, he was like a little child that depended on and loved me and I miss my Topper baby dearly. He also has a sister name Triscuit- (they were both named after crackers) she was always mostly mean, bossy, ignored him and would not play with him when he wanted too and would sit and snarl at him if he got too close to her at times even though he would lick her head, but she would let him do that, but he and I had fun playing, and he loved his toys. She knows well now that he is not here to be mean too, and now I have to turn my attention to her and help her through this as she helps me. I believe every living creature has pain, but now Triscuit  needs comforting; maybe not exactly like we would do each other but nevertheless the same with;  special attention, understanding, love, care, a caressing touch, patience, sweet talk, spending time with her so she will not feel so alone. I was reminded of this even more when it was time for her to go to her bed and sleep last night, she did not want to go, and cried after she was left alone, but I decided to just sit with her to let her know it was alright until I felt like she felt better and could go to sleep and I also felt better. Comfort can come in all shapes and sizes, and it can be given to anyone with all shapes and sizes, think about that the next time you need it. 

It's not to late to celebrate! 

Last month was my birthday month! But I don't celebrate just the one day, the whole month, or the rest of the year but until the next year when my number changes!  I had a quiet birthday and did not even leave home, but just think of the new adventures that come after that and await me now; I have given myself an opportunity to experience even more, not just to receive gifts, but enjoy special moments by doing something special with others, and even quiet moments with the Lord that bring new revelations as I continue to go down this road; and I mean literally, and assign the title of a birthday surprise to me and I'm not going to hinder someone from doing something nice for me all because the date on the calendar has passed; why! I'm yet celebrating, my birthday is not belated and neither am I !  Don't sell yourself short, your life is worth celebrating more than one day out of a year!  But do not only thank God for the date of your birth, but  thank him for days after it.

Are you pushing? 

Yesterday I started off walking again, and then I decided that I was going to run! I surprised myself; I did not intend to run that long nor did I want too, but no one else was with me, no one to pick me up and give me a ride, no one was walking with me to pat me on the back and say you got this! So I did the next best thing, I found strength in the Lord, and encouraged myself. I pushed myself to run! I encouraged myself with words spoken from my own mouth, I pushed myself to do something that I had never done. Ask yourself, am I pushing others to do more than I push myself?  Because there will not always be someone around to do that for you. We all can not wait on someone else to do for us what we can do for ourselves in case they don't show up, decide to leave or do not want to do it anymore. I'm going to try and  push myself more, the reward of crossing that finish line is greater when you do not always have someone to push you through it but when you can do it yourself. You can start with small steps but the farther you go ahead, you will be able to look back and see how far you have come, the things in your life that seem to be so hard, do not drag it or pull it just push it out of your way and move forward !  

I am glad! 

As I began to walk, I had a thought that I would just listen and meditate so that God could speak to me, but before I knew it I found myself singing; I did not focus on the idea that my neighbors might hear me, how I sounded or the fact that I maybe disturbing or distracting someone while they were trying to concentrate on something. I was releasing what was in my heart and that was gladness. I felt pleased, delighted, and happy and I did not care about any particular individual at the time, only the Lord, and I wanted to express how I really felt. Every day something happens that can ruin our day, break our heart, crush our spirit, or make us mad, but we don't have to permit those things to take away from us the joy, and the praise that God deserves and has placed in our hearts. Praising God lifts you up and when we begin to think of what God not only is doing, but has already done and the fact that we are so underserving. Hallelujah! We should be glad and delighted that he did not cut us off!  Psalm 122:1  I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go into the house of the Lord.  (I am glad!! How about you? 


What have you done that you regret? or what are you doing that you are regretting ? Do you know the good news about this is if you have done it and regretted it, its okay, because it's over now, and if you are doing it now and regretting it, you can stop. The power lies in you! Do not spend your time, focus, energy, and life on things that you regret doing and that one thing stopped you from doing something else. God can move, but we have to accept that we want to move ourselves and do it.  Let the regret push you to another place where you want to be and not get stuck, all because you think others will have something to say about it, or you are too embarrassed to move because that particular thing you have been in has lasted so long, it will be your regret not anyone else's; ask yourself who am I doing this for? Have you ever heard of the word try? We may have to do it another way, or change directions and do something else. Change the regrets into rewards because we figured out what to do and what not to do.  Reward yourself, by going forward!! 

New chapter is a new page 

On yesterday October 5, I turned 60 years old, which is a half a century and a decade old which sounds like I am as old as Methuselah. I don't remember ever taking a nap, but today! the day after I turned 60, I was so sleepy and could hardly keep my eyes open and nodding off, and I always assumed that one was old if they had to take a nap in the daytime but now I wonder is this how I am turning the page to this new chapter, by resting or taking a evening siesta. I know that when you turn the page, it is alright to begin the chapter with a restful body and a clear mind, because upon awakening, the body is rested, refreshed, and ready to take on the world. I believe that this chapter of my life, and yours may not only turn a new page but begin a new book. What about you?

The Followers! 

Who are you following? I was in prayer this morning, and I found myself  talking to God about being attached, and how important it is to be attached to the right thing, I want to follow that which is good and not for me only but for those that follow me. We have followers everywhere; on our jobs, watching our careers, social media; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and what ever other app that allows others to be behind us, But have you thought about this, Who are you allowing to follow you? We should be attaching ourselves to the right things and then we can attract the right people. Psalm 23:6 KJV says Surely goodness and mercy, shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of  the Lord forever. When we don't choose wisely and follow anything and everybody, look for the same thing to happen to us, it has become a numbers game instead of a standard. Are we so hung up on going up that we don't care how we get there? We will attract whatever we put out, be a good follower,  Be a follower! But be the right kind. My mom always told us that IF YOU FOLLOW RIGHT, RIGHT WILL ALWAYS FOLLOW YOU!  Remember followers become leaders.


I am determined to get up and exercise by walking everyday; I want to do it early in the mornings, taking the proper time and enjoy the Lord, through prayer singing, praising, worshipping and surrendering to him and allowing him to speak to me, and  there are times when it seems hard to balance the proper time each morning the way I would like too. Sometimes there are always other things that require my attention and seems they need to be done before I do my walking or I will have to cut my walk time short. Have you ever started out with a mind set of doing one thing, you were committed and determined to do it and not allow anything else to get in the way until you had finished the task at hand? Do you remember starting out with tenacity, strength, and commitment in your spirit, but something happened and then you got off track for some reason. We are all distracted more easily and more readily than we would like to admit, by life, social media, and other family obligations but it does not mean that we will not do what we are determined to do. Don't let the distractions keep you from carrying things out.  They will come, but we don't have to allow them to stop us. I speak it again;  I AM DETERMINED TO GET UP AND EXERCISE BY WALKING EVERYDAY!  I was walking one morning and I was talking to the Lord about it, and he placed something in my spirit and I started to say it out loud! IF I WANT TO MAKE A CHANGE; THE CHANGE STARTS WITH ME,I AM THE CHANGE!, (Remember- Sometimes the smallest change can make the biggest difference; start somewhere, but do it today. Don't let the distractions stop you! It's only a pause, don't give up! but be determined, I AM !

A planted seed! 

Have you ever looked at a seed and realized it's potential? The seed may be small, round, oblong, looks disfigured, or even colored but when it is always placed in a position where it can germinate (sprout) that seed takes on a whole new form; it no longer looks the same as it was when it was first placed in the earth, the seed goes through different weather patterns and season changes, but the seed remains in place. The conditions around the seed changes; grass turns green, weeds grow, flowers come up, the grass is cut around it, leaves fall on it and maybe even stepped on, but the seed manages to burst through the earth into new life in a beautiful shade of green and grows to produce whatever it was designed and planted for. Today, you are the seed! You have been carefully planted, sown in the earth for a specific time and purpose, you have gone through different changes, with times of scorching heat applied to you and even death with the very  bites of coldness and freezing moments that touched you deeply, But! Look at you now, flourishing, growing, and it may seem that it is not at a rate that you expected or thought possible, but it is not just left up to you as the seed, but also the sower who took care of you while you were in your weaken state. DON'T JUST GROW WHERE YOU ARE PLANTED, THRIVE AND PRODUCE!