As a Psalmist...

Receiving a word or song from God doesn't always happen while sitting at a desk; but when God speaks he touches my heart, as well as my spirit and I can feel words from within, by yielding myself  to him and by openly giving him what he is due and worthy of, gives me what echoes out of my spirit.

  As I began to thank and praise him, he opens my eyes to new things and that is when I began to see things around me differently. It becomes a new song from my spirit and my heart to the heart of God. Songs of the Spirit will begin to birth forth. John 4:24 GNB says; God is Spirit, and only by the power of his Spirit can people worship him as he really is. 

Some would say they are made up, but they are not songs or words that I come up with, the Spirit of God is the producer, I am only a vessel that is used, the songs are for my good, but for God's glory.